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Category: Project

Description: The Suicidal Mind Mapping Project (SMMP) is aimed at improving our understanding of suicidality, the affective, behavioral and cognitive aspects of being suicidal. Our goals include developing improved suicide risk assessments through state-of-the-science measurement, and localizing risk assessments through free culture instruments and knowledge sharing. We also have projects exploring suicidal cognition, such as reasons for living (RFL) and reasons for dying (RFD). We are an international group of academics and mental health professionals, and we welcome additional collaborators.

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International

Has supplemental materials for The Suicidality Scale Manual 1.2 on OSF Preprints


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Assessing Suicidality Through Sustainable Scale Development

This is a long-term project to create better (more valid and reliable) assessment of suicidality (suicide risk). This project combines several efforts...

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