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This component includes data and analysis scripts for the meta-analyses of the effects from the experiment reported in Figures 3B and 7C-E of [Delmore et al., 2011][1] and the replication of these experiments. **Figure 4. Meta-analyses of each effect.** Effect size and 95% confidence interval are presented for Delmore et al., 2011, this replication study (RP:CB), and a random effects meta-analysis of those two effects. Sample sizes used in Delmore et al., 2011 and this replication attempt are reported under the study name. (**A**) Relative _MYC_ expression in MM.1S-luc cells treated with 500 nM (+)-JQ1 for 8 hr compared to 0 hr (*p* = .224), and the comparison between (+)-JQ1 treatment for 1 hr to 0 hr (*p* = .155). (**B**) Tumor burden, determined by bioluminescence at day 22, in mice bearing MM.1S-luc tumors and treated daily with 50 mg/kg (+)-JQ1 or vehicle control (*p* = .110). (C) HR for mice treated daily with 50 mg/kg (+)-JQ1 compared to vehicle control (*p* = .0112). Access the [full size image][2] and [R script][3] used to generate this figure. These scripts will call the [data][4] directly from the OSF. Access the [analysis script][5]. This script will call the data directly from the OSF for the replication data. [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: