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Description: The aim of this study is to estimate the impact of increasing the availability of non-alcoholic drinks (i.e., soft drinks and alcohol-free beer) vs alcoholic drinks (i.e., beer) on the type of drink selected (non-alcoholic or alcoholic). Participants are UK adults who consume alcohol weekly, recruited to an online experimental study. Participants make a hypothetical selection from a range of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drink options. They are randomly assigned to one of eight conditions, in a 4 (availability) x 2 (cognitive resource) factorial design. The availability factor includes four conditions: i) reference 1: two non-alcoholic drinks and two beers, ii) reference 2: four non-alcoholic drinks and four beers, iii) increased non-alcoholic: six non-alcoholic drinks and two beers, iv) increased alcohol: two non-alcoholic drinks and six beers. The cognitive resource factor includes two conditions: i) high time pressure, ii) low time pressure. The primary outcome is the proportion of participants selecting a non-alcoholic drink (vs an alcoholic drink).


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