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Category: Analysis

Description: This component includes our complete data analytic pipeline: from raw individual .txt files to final R Markdown plots and analyses. The "analysis folder" contains data files (.txt) for 12 simulated novice participants and 12 simulated expert participants with pseudorandomly generated response data—these are used to test out the experimental analysis script, and model the a correct response rate of 50% (e.g., see the simdata.jpeg plots as illustration). Also included is a LiveCode data extraction tool for aggregating raw data from the individual .txt files, an R Markdown folder with source code, and a fully documented html file documenting all code, notes, plots and results of statistical analyses. A ‘final analysis’ folder will be uploaded here once data collection is completed and the human data have been run through this analytic pipeline. This folder is called ''. The 'Cross-task' folder contains the code for comparing this task with another called the Spot-the-Difference task (

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International


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