The Psychological Science Accelerator: A Distributed Laboratory Network

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Description: Our mission is to accelerate the accumulation of reliable and generalizable evidence in psychological science, reducing the distance between truth about human behavior and mental processes and our current understanding. This challenge cannot be adequately met by a single researcher or small team. Instead, we attempt to meet this challenge with a distributed laboratory network that is ongoing (as opposed to time or task limited), diverse (both in terms of human subjects and participating researchers), and inclusive (we welcome ideas, contributions, study proposals, or other input from anyone in the field of psychology).


Learn more about our aims, goals, and progress here ( Multi-site collaborations hold great promise for increasing the robustness and reliability of psychological science, enhancing our ability to accumulate evidence, and allowing us to create generalizable knowledge. By distributing data collection across a large laboratory network, a team of researchers can coll...


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  • Social perception of faces around the world: How well does the valence-dominance model generalize across world regions? (Registered Report Stage 1)

    Over the last ten years, Oosterhof and Todorov’s (2008) valence-dominance model of social judgments of faces has emerged as the most prominent account...

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