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### Online supplementary material - For the screenshots, items, results, and additional analyses, see "analyses/analyses.pdf". - For the syntax, see "analyses/analyses.rmd" - For the data, see "data/data.csv" ### Reproduction of analyses You can rerun and reproduce all analyses yourself. In order to guarantee long-term reproducibility, we used [checkpoint][1]. Hence, note that when running the r-markdown script, checkpoint locally installs all packages with the same version that we used for the analyses. #### Requirements Please make sure that the following software is installed - [R][2] - [RStudio][3] - [Tex][4] #### Instruction 1. Download all files. - Preferably, click on "Files" -> "OSF Storage" -> "Download as zip", then unzip in one folder 2. Open the file "privacy calculus and affordances.rproj" using RStudio 3. Open the file "analyses/analyses.rmd" 4. Knit the file (e.g., by pressing ctrl + Shift + K) - If prompted to update packages, click yes - The resulting file is "analyses/analyses.pdf" [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: ### License - This material is licensed using CC BY-NC 4.0. - You are free to share and adapt the material for noncommercial uses. Please provide short credits (e.g., by citing the article or by linking to this page). - For more information, see