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Description: Trepte, S., Scharkow, M. & Dienlin, T. (2020). The privacy calculus contextualized: The influence of affordances. Computers in Human Behavior, 104. In this study, we investigated the privacy calculus model to determine whether and how affordances affect self-disclosure. Specifically, we looked at N = 128 users’ reactions to the affordance of association, which was embedded in two features in a 2 x 2 experimental design. Our mock-up social network site either did or did not contain cues about (a) the number of other users disclosing and (b) their similarity to the individual participant. Results showed that individual self-disclosure was slightly and significantly related to users’ expectations of support and privacy concerns. Other users’ disclosure and similarity increased self-disclosure. The effect of similarity was partially mediated by expectations of support and privacy concerns.

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