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This project contains all information pertaining to the replication of experiments from “Senescence surveillance of pre-malignant hepatocytes limits liver cancer development” published in *Nature* in 2011 ([Kang et al., 2011][1]). Experimental work began with preliminary outcomes although experiments were not completed. The preliminary outcomes were included in the summary paper "Experiments from unfinished Registered Reports in the Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology" ([Errington et al., 2021][2]). <br> Also, explore the Registered Report and materials related to the Registered Report [here][3]. <br> **Data and Material Availability**: All other associated data, protocols, analysis scripts, and other digital materials are available within this OSF project. **Experiments replicated**: Reproduce and explore the figures, analyses, data, and methods generated in this replication attempt. - [Generation of oncogene-induced senescence and immunosurveillance in murine hepatocytes][4] - Attempt of replicaiton of Figures 2I, 3B, 3C, and 3E of Kang et al., 2011 - [Determining the significance of CD4+ T lymphocyte cells in senescence surveillance][5] - Attempt of replication of Figure 4A of Kang et al., 2011 <br> Questions about the project can be directed to [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: