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Description: This study investigated if the acoustic organization of the spectro-temporal masking pattern affects speech glimpsing in “checkerboard” noise. The regularity and coherence of the masking pattern was varied. Regularity was reduced by randomizing the spectral or temporal gating of the masking noise. Coherence involved the spectral alignment of frequency bands across time or the temporal alignment of gated onsets/offsets across frequency bands. Overall, performance was best when the spectro-temporal masking pattern imposed even spectral sampling and minimal temporal uncertainty, indicating that listeners use reliable masking patterns to aid in spectro-temporal speech glimpsing. For study and citation details, please see: Fogerty, D., Sevich, V. A., & Healy, E. W. (2020). Spectro-temporal glimpsing of speech in noise: Regularity and coherence of masking patterns reduces uncertainty and increases intelligibility. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 148(3), 1552-1566.


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