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Description: The aim of this study is to verify the psychometric properties of several recently created original or adapted computer-based methods which measure the concept of analytic/holistic cognitive style (hereafter ''A/H'; for review see Nisbett et al., 2001). Even though the A/H is often used in cross-cultural psychological research, the appropriately validated method with sufficient psychometric properties does not exist yet and the cross-cultural comparisons might, therefore, be biased. In the current research, various methods are used in order to estimate the level of A/H in different cultures. Nevertheless, these methods often do not correlate among each other and some scholars criticize cognitive style as a pseudo-construct that overlaps with personality traits or cognitive abilities. Hence, the creation and examination of valid and reliable methods for A/H measurement is crucial for further research and application in the field. In order to achieve this goal, we developed six methods administered via online testing software SW Hypothesis (Šašinka et al., 2017). More specifically, three methods based on Navon figures - Compute-Figure tests (CFT1, CFT2, CFT3), Extended Cognitive Style Analysis Wholistic-Analytic test (E-CSA-WA), Absolute-Relative test (ART) and Analysis-Holism Scale (AHS).

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International


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