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Category: Data

Description: Raw data and analysis from 114 recorded and transcribed interviews with 203 community residents in eight isolated rural communities spread between Vermont, New York, Wisconsin, Iowa, West Virginia, Mississippi, Idaho, and New Mexico.

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International


Publication of site specific and raw data will continue through June 2020. All field data for public use went through the following creation steps: Margo Gustina, Hope Decker, and Eli Guinnee recorded interviews with library-involved people and general community residents with Sony UX560 Digital Voice Recorders. Raw audio was uploaded via wireless internet connections in field locations to Trint ...


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  • Site 7 (R4) Analysis, Audio Excerpts, Transcripts

    Gustina, Guinnee, Bryson & 1 more

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  • Site 8 (R4) Analysis, Audio Excerpts, Transcripts

    Gustina, Bryson, Totten & 2 more

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  • Methodologies

    All methodology, ethics, and protocol documents used to guide field data gathering, processing, and analysis.

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