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1. Create private project using Methods Paper Template as template. 2. Perform literature search. - Link Mendeley folder with relevant papers to Background component. - Add literature review in pdf format to Background component. 3. Finalize validation plan. - Add validation plan in pdf format to Validation component. - Register Validation component privately. 4. Rename Tool component to tool name. 5. Create tool. - All code for the tool should go in a GitHub repository linked to the Tool component. 6. Validate tool using techniques outlined in validation plan. - All code used to validate the tool and generate figures should go in a GitHub repository linked to the Validation component. 7. Write up manuscript and post in pdf format to Final Report component. 8. Submit manuscript. - If reviewers request that the tool be altered or that alternative validation techniques be used, register the components involved and share the requests to make it clear to any other researchers that the post hoc changes were made by external request. 9. Once manuscript is accepted for publication, make all GitHub repositories and the OSF project publicly available.