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Category: Project

Description: Projects dedicated to developing new tools/methods should follow this template.


Create private project using Methods Paper Template as template. Perform literature search. Link Mendeley folder with relevant papers to Background component. Add literature review in pdf format to Background component. Finalize validation plan. Add validation plan in pdf format to Validation component. Register Validation component privately. Rename Tool component to tool name. Create tool. ...


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  • Background

    Literature search and, if applicable, literature review providing rationale for tool development. Should include link to Mendeley folder with papers f...

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  • Data

    Data used in tool development. Can be data used by the actual tool during development or can be test data used to validate the tool after development....

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  • Tool

    Code for the tool. The name of this component should be the name of the tool being developed. Should include link to Github where code will be stored.

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  • Validation

    Code used to test and evaluate the tool. Should link to a separate Github repository than the tool repository, named [tool]-validation.

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  • Final Report

    PDF of the final report. Also should include link to figures, which will be stored publicly on figshare. Figures will most likely have been generated ...

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