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<h2>Description</h2> On this page, you find the analysis script (R code) to reproduce the results in the paper <h2>Files and documents</h2> You can use the following files to reproduce all analyses reported in the paper. - Analysis + analysis.rmd (Analysis script) + analsis.pdf (Analysis output) + figure.r (Script for additional functions) <h2>Reproduce the analysis</h2> Download all folders on this OSF page and place them in a single folder on your local hard drive. Open the "analysis.rmd" file in Rstudio and hit "knit". <h2>Data statement</h2> To run the analyses, you need the full data set. However, the data are not published on this OSF page. Please download them from the official repository at [gesis datorium][1]. Simply put them into the correct folder on your local hard drive and all the procedures described above should work. [1]: