Longitudinal Social Relations Model


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Description: Here you can find the R codes (implementing Fisher scoring) together with one example data file to estimate Social Relations Growth Model (SRGM) parameters with restricted maximum likelihood (SRGM_REML.r). Please note, that using the codes presupposes that your data is organized in the long format. See the data file for one example. If there are any bugs or when you have any ideas to increase the speed of the algorithm, please write an E-mail to Steffen Nestler (steffen.nestler@uni-leipzig.de). Thanks! Best, Steffen Nestler Explanation of the changes to repository on 03/09/2016: 1. In the revision of the SRGM paper, we changed the illustrative example. Therefore, we deleted the old data file and uploaded the new data file. 2. I programmed a slightly adapted version of the REML algorithm that is able to handle unbalanced data. The old R code was therefore deleted and the new code uploaded. 3. In the revision of the manuscript, I had to program a ML estimator for the SRGM parameters. I added the R code (SRGM_ML) for this estimator.


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