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Description: The files below include: — individual-level data for both the global survey as well as the representative survey — data on government restrictions — a .do file that reproduces the results in our manuscript — a data documentation file By downloading and using the dataset, you agree to comply with the European Union's GDPR requirements, as well as the following: — My research team and I will only use the data for research, and not for commercial purposes — My research team and I will not attempt to identify individuals using these data — My research team and I will share the resulting pre-print/publication with the researchers — My research team and I will cite the dataset using the citation below. Please cite as: Fetzer, T., Witte, M., Hensel, L., Jachimowicz, J.M., Haushofer, J., Ivchenko, A., Caria, C., Reutskaja, E., Roth, C., Fiorin, F., Gomez, M., Kraft-Todd, G., Goetz, F., & Yoeli, E.. Global Behaviors and Perceptions in the COVID-19 Pandemic. For questions, please refer to our paper ( and feel free to contact For more information on this ongoing data collection effort, see: We will update this dataset periodically. Latest update August 8th 2020. Corrected mistake in the Japanese and Korean versions of the Big5 personality questions.

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International

Included in Coronavirus's Collection  
  • Type:  COVID-19
  • Status:  Completed


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