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Category: Project

Description: Prereg posters are conference posters that present planned scientific projects (Tibon, CBU Open Science Committee, & Henson, 2018) and were recently adopted by the BNA2019 Festival of Neuroscience ( The organisers of the event collected survey data about prereg posters, to provide empirical evidence for their value. Nearly a fifth of all presented posters at the BNA2019 Festival conformed to the new prereg format, covering a diverse range of neuroscience topics and disciplines, and the overall impression was that they were enthusiastically welcomed. The survey data were collected at two time points (before and after the event), via two different surveys. We analyse data from the questionnaire items that address three main themes: prereg posters as means to (1) receive valuable feedback, (2) promote Open Science, and (3) support Early Career Researchers (ECRs).


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