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  1. M. Danica San Juan
  2. Daniel Katz
  3. Scott Perkins
  4. Leah Burgess
  5. Ronald Cowan
  6. H. Charles Manning
  7. Michael Nickels
  8. Daniel Claassen
  9. David H. Zald

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Category: Project

Description: Here, we collected PET measures of DAT availability (BPND) using the tracer 18F-FE-PE2I in 47 healthy adult subjects and examined relations between BPND in striatum, including its subregions: caudate, putamen, and ventral striatum (VS), and trait impulsivity (Barratt Impulsiveness Scale: BIS-11) and novelty seeking (Tridimensional Personality Questionnaire: TPQ-NS), controlling for age and sex. Striatal DAT BPND in each subregion was negatively related to total BIS-11 with VS DAT BPND significantly associated with BIS-11 motor impulsivity (e.g., taking actions without thinking) after correction for multiple comparisons. VS DAT BPND explained 13.2% of the variance in motor impulsivity. Our data demonstrate that DAT availability in VS is negatively related to impulsivity, and suggest a particular influence of DAT regulation of dopamine signaling in VS on acting without deliberation (BIS motor impulsivity).


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