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Category: Instrumentation

Description: This project contains the MDAR framework (Materials Design Analysis Reporting), a checklist for authors to use, and an elaboration document with background and instructions. The project components contain data from author and editor surveys and coder data from the evaluated checklists.

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International

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  • Type:  Research
  • Status:  Completed
Has supplemental materials for Towards minimum reporting standards for life scientists on MetaArXiv


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Materials for pilot journals using MDAR

Mellor, Chambers, Collings & 7 more
This project page includes the MDAR checklist and feedback surveys.

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Data from author and editor survey

Mellor, Chambers, Sweet & 6 more
Data from author survey and editor survey asking for quantitative evaluation and qualitative assessment of MDAR checklist.

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Data from MDAR checklists and coders

Mellor, Chambers, Sweet & 6 more
Data from MDAR checklist and ratings of inter-rater reliability

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