Partial Truths - Kline, Schulz & Gibson (2017)

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Citation: Kline, M., Schulz, L., & Gibson, E. (2017). Partial Truths: Adults Choose to Mention Agents and Patients in Proportion to Informativity, Even If It Doesn’t Fully Disambiguate the Message. Open Mind: Discoveries in Cognitive Science, 1(3), 123–135. This Repository This repository contains a post-peer-review, pre-proof version of the Partial Truths manu...


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  • Partial Truths: Adults choose to mention agents and patients in proportion to informativity, even if it doesn’t fully disambiguate the message (Kline, Schulz & Gibson)

    How do we decide what to say to ensure our meanings will be understood? The Rational Speech Act model (RSA, Frank & Goodman, 2012) asserts that sp...

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