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Use the links below to administer each study procedure as the participants experienced it. **Study 1- [Race Associations][1]** **Study 2- Religious Associations**: [Buddhism Version][2] and [Hinduism Version][3] **Study 3- [Age Associations][4]** The social world is stratified. Social hierarchies are known but often disavowed as anachronisms or unjust. Nonetheless, hierarchies may persist in social memory. In three studies (total N > 200,000), we found evidence of social hierarchies in implicit evaluation by race, religion, and age. Across racial groups, implicit positive associations followed this rule: my racial group > Whites > Asians > Blacks > Hispanics. Each racial group evaluated its own group most positively, with the remaining three groups ordered identically following it. Across religions, implicit positive associations followed this rule: my religion > Christians > Jews > Hindus/Buddhists > Muslims. A final task investigating positive associations with various age groups found this rule: children > young adult > middle-age adult > older adult across all participant ages. These results suggest that the rules of social evaluation are pervasively embedded in culture and mind. Link to final version of article: [][5] [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: