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**Original citation.** *PLEASE INSERT THE REFERENCE TO THE ORIGINAL PAPER (APA-FORMAT) AND LINK THE REFERENCE TO THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE ON THE JDM WEBSITE. PLEASE DELETE THIS INSTRUCTION.* **Target of replication.** The target of our replication is study X with the key prediction that *--> PLEASE COMPLETE THIS SENTENCE*. Specifically a successful replication should find an interaction effect between the factors --> *(INDEPENDENT VARIABLE 1)* and *(INDIPENDENT VARIABLE 2)* on *(DV)* as the dependent variable ---------- **The project contains.** *--> PLEASE INSERT THE CORRECT LINKS FOR YOUR PROJECT AND DELETE THIS INSTRUCTION* 1. [Raw Data][2], 2. full set of [Replication Analysis][3] as well as the 3. [Pre-data][4] and 4. [Post-data Replication Report][5]. [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: