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- [Preprint]( - A publicly available version of our manuscript in advance of peer-review and formal publication - [GitHub repository]( - A version controlled repository containing all the raw data and code in this project - [OSF repository]( - An archived permanent copy of the GitHub repository as well as any other study materials. - [Online analysis supplement]( - The output document of our analyses, rendered as a website. Note: This project uses data and code from our previous study: [Vuorre et al. (2021)]( The code thus is mostly taken from that project, with adjustments for the current study. ## Reproducibility The raw data are in the `data/` directory of this repository. The code that we used to clean and analyze the data are organized in R Markdown (`.Rmd`) files in this directory, which are meant to be run in the sequence indicated by their numeric prefixes. The project uses a private package library with the help of the `renv` package. Therefore, first download the entire project, then install the package (`install.packages("renv")`), then run `renv::restore()`. To run all the cleaning and analyses, and compile the resulting document ([the online analysis supplement](, run `bookdown::render_book()` in R or click "Build Book" in the RStudio IDE.