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# Experienced Listeners The simulation results reported in [Experienced Listeners][3] (Van der Weij, 2020) were generated using jackdaw. Jackdaw, an implementation of the modeling framework developed in Chapter three of [Experienced Listeners][3] can for now be downloaded from [here][1]. Installation instructions can be found in [this tutorial][2], which also gives a short introduction to using jackdaw. These instructions and jackdaw itself are likely to evolve in the coming months. Instructions for reproducing the empirical results reported in Chapter 7 of Experienced Listeners will be uploaded here soon. If you'd like to be informed when that happens, please send me an email at research (at) bastiaan (dot) org. ## References van der Weij, B. (2020). *Experienced listeners: Modeling the influence of long-term musical exposure on rhythm perception* (Doctoral dissertation, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam). [1]: [2]: [3]: