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Description ======= Data-intensive science and research are providing opportunities for new roles to emerge for information professionals. This course serves as an introduction to the field of scientific data management, and aims to help prepare information professionals and information students for engaging with scientists. In this course we will explore the current relationships between libraries and their stakeholders, research data management planning, data lifecycles, and explore a variety of strategies information professionals are using to provide data services. A theme throughout the course focuses on how best librarians can serve the needs of a burgeoning community of data users/producers while meeting the new challenges that data present to our existing skillsets, workflows, and infrastructure. Class sessions will include lectures, in-class lab activities, and student-led discussions of readings and data-related news. Practitioners in the field will serve as guest lecturers when available and appropriate. We assume that students generally have not had prior data management training, but students with prior experience can still expect to benefit significantly from this course. The course provides: - An introduction to concepts and terminology related to data and data services - Broad overview of the nature and range of data products and producers - Knowledge of how to develop and provide different tiers of data services in a library setting. Understanding of ethical, social, and political issues related to the creation, use, and reuse of data - Awareness of the variety of skills that librarians need to advance work in data science and open science ## Materials ## - [Scientific Research DataManagement (Fall 2020) Syllabus][1] - [Midterm & Final Projects Descriptions][2] - [In-class Labs & Assignments Descriptions][3] - [Recorded Lecture Presentations][4] <br> This syllabus was created using open course materials from a variety of RDM courses: - Simmons College, Scientific Data Management, LIS 532G-01 (2013-2015), *Elaine R. Martin, Donna Kafel, Andrew Creamer, Julie Goldman* - Pratt Institute, Data Librarianship, LIS 628 (2018-2020), *Vicky Steeves* - Oregon State, Research Data Management, GRAD 521 (2014), *Amanda Whitmire* [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: