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This OSF project describes the Interdependence in Daily Life (IDL) study. **Publications using data from the IDL study** Rentzsch, K., Columbus, S., Balliet, D., & Gerlach, T. M. (in press). Similarity in situation perception predicts relationship satisfaction. *Personality Science*. Columbus, S.,* Molho, C.,* Righetti, F., & Balliet, D. (2021). Interdependence and cooperation in daily life. *Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 120*(3), 626–650. Peperkoorn, L. S., Becker, D. V., Balliet, D., Columbus, S., Molho, C., & van Lange, P. A. M. (2020). The prevalence of dyads in social life. *PLOS one, 15*(12), e0244188. Righetti, F., Balliet, D., Molho, C., Columbus, S., Faure, R., Bahar, Y., Iqmal, M., Semenchenko, A., & Arriaga, X. (2020). Fostering attachment security: The role of interdependent situations. *International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17*(20), 7648. Columbus, S., Thielmann, I., & Balliet, D. (2019). Situational affordances for prosocial behaviour: On the interaction between Honesty-Humility and (perceived) interdependence. *European Journal of Personality, 33*(6), 655–673.