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# Tally Tracker Explorer (Joelle Dietrick and Owen Mundy) Creative Residency conducted from August 4th, 2020 to October 31, 2020 to create a visualization uncovering the hidden web of trackers, bots, and data provenance as we skim the internet. Tally Tracker Explorer captures live data from [Tally Saves the Internet][1] and displays this data as a sea of avatars, each surrounded by small product monsters and attached to their unique data trails, colored to match their top marketing categories. Both Tally Saves the Internet and Tally Tracker Explorer’s core goal is to visualize the internet and its trackers in a way that makes the invisible (trackers) visible and the lingo familiar. Sample view | Sample view | Sample view | Sample view | Sample view :-------------------------:|:-------------------------:|:-------------------------:|:-------------------------:|:-------------------------: ![Tally 1][Sample 1] | ![Tally 2][Sample 2] | ![Tally 3][Sample 3] | ![Tally 4][Sample 4] | ![Tally 5][Sample 5] ![Tally Tracker Explorer Banner][Banner] ![Tally Tracker Explorer Controls][Controls] ![Tally Tracker Explorer Legend][Legend] ![Unity display][Unity] Documentation --- * [README][2] * [Project Website][3] * [Project Summary on Immersive Scholar site][4] * [Contributions][5] * [Recording of the concluding symposium on data, surveillance and privacy][6] Code --- Available on [GitHub]( Content --- The visualization created as part of this project is available as [releases on github][7] or on [][8]. Project Citation --- *Tally Tracker Explorer - Immersive Scholar.* Joelle Dietrick, Owen Mundy, Scott Bailey, Walt Gurley, Joseph DaSilva, Hannah Rainey, Micah Vandegrift, Shelby Hallman, Ashley Evans Bandy, Claire Cahoon, Mildred Nicuragua. Released on github and [Sample 1]: [Sample 2]: [Sample 3]: [Sample 4]: [Sample 5]: [Banner]: [Controls]: [Legend]: [Unity]: [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]: [7]: [8]: