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Digital technology is becoming increasingly ubiquitous and intertwined into everyday life. As this trend continues, there are growing opportunities for multidisciplinary inquiry into the insights digital technology can offer. The present investigation utilises geographical psychology and urban informatics, posing three main research questions to investigate resident-neighbourhood interactions: (1) Is there systematic variation in the personality traits of New York residents? (2) Can the ambiance of New York neighbourhoods be mapped using Flickr data? (3) Is there a relationship between personality and neighbourhood ambiance? This is one of the first studies of geographical variation in personality traits at the within-city level, with traits mapped by zip code (120 zip codes, N = 36,084 participants) showing significant patterns of spatial clustering across New York. Ambiance was mapped at the zip code level using social media data, specifically using geo-referenced Flickr tags (N = 10,376,355 images), which were matched to an ambiance taxonomy to explore the distribution of 13 ambiance dimensions. Significant personality-ambiance associations exist for certain traits and dimensions, and these associations persist across multiple levels of spatial analysis.