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**.csv files** contain the data sets in associated with each of the two figures and Table 1 in the paper. Additional files provided for 36 hour lead time temperature biases for GFS each airport for all conditions (tempbias_36GFS_All), skycover < 5% (tempbias_36GFS_leq5_), and < 50% sky cover and light wind < 2.57 m/s (5 knots) (tempbias_36GFS_leq50_lightwind). The file names for HRRR follow a similar pattern. Within these files, airport is designated with 3-letter airport ID, 7amLTbias, 3pmLTbias, and entiredaybias refer to temperature biases in degrees C, n_lo and n_hi refer to the number of samples for the 7amLTbias and 3pmLTbias respectively. Latitude and longitude are the location of the each airport site. ![Table 1 from paper][5] ![Figure 1 image from paper][1] ![Figure 1 caption][2] ![Figure 2 imagefrom paper][3] ![Figure 2 caption][4] [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: **Parquet files** contain the data corresponding to the 210 airport locations needed to reproduce the analysis. These files are organized by month from November 2019 to March 2020. Each month has three types of files with the following prefixes: fct_gfs for forecast output from GFS model, fct_hrrr for forecast output from the HRRR model and obs_ for the ASOS observations. For example, fct_gfs_20191101_20191130.parquet contains the GFS output for November 2019. Variables for fct_gfs files: Each data point is identified by airport code, forecast hour, initialization time, valid time, variable id, and numeric variable value. The file has all forecast hours out through forecast hour 120. The three letter airport id information is also present. The following variables (and units) are included: TMP_2maboveground (K), WindMag_10maboveground (m/s), VIS_surface (m), RH_2maboveground (%), GUST_surface (m/s), DPT_2maboveground (K), TCDC_lowcloudlayer (%), and SNOD_surface (m). Variables for fct_hrrr files: Same as for fct_gfs except contains all forecast hours out to hour 36. Variables for obs files: The observation time, variable id, airport id, and numeric variable value are included. The following variable IDs are included: temperature (K), dewpoint (K), windspeed (m/s), visibility (m), stationRH (%), snowCover (m), precip1Hour (mm), presWeather (string), skyCover (string). Strings for skyCover are described in the the ASOS User’s Guide ( Strings for presWeather are described in