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Preprint: *Sanchez-Tojar, A., Nakagawa, S., Sánchez-Fortún, M., Martin, D.M., Ramani, S., Girndt, A., Bókony, V., Liker, A., Westneat, D.F., Burke, T. & Schroeder, J. 2018. Meta-analysis challenges a textbook example of status signalling: evidence for publication bias. bioRxiv. [][1]* Peer-reviewed publication: *Currently under review* ---------- Content: Free and open preprint of this project. Please, notice that the preprint has not gone neither through peer review or typesetting. Furthermore, this preprint corresponds to a previous version of the final publication. Data and Supplementary material for this version are available. For the updated R scripst, visit: *For further questions contact*: **** [1]: