Evanescent wave photocatalysis for surface functionalization

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Description: Evanescent wave photocatalysis has been used by Newtec to functionalize a range of different materials. The chemistry of the functionalized surface is unknown at this point, except that XPS analysis indicates the presence of C (possibly C-N). The deposited layer is less than a nanometer thick layer, is highly stable (tolerates boiling in sulfuric acid for 10 h) and gives the material super-hydrophilic properties (water contact angle not measurable so far). The aim of this project is to characterize this surface.


Data and results from this project can be found in the Opencloud-folder below. The folder is sorted into three folders - status report, protocols and labwork. The labwork folder will include raw data and laboratory journals. This project is the bachelor project for contributor Simon Asp and fellow contributors Camilla Nielsen and Jakob Asmussen are part of this project through the iNano Challenge...


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