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Description: Abstract: It is deference to other ancient scripts that oracle-bone inscriptions suddenly appeared in prehistorical China without any predecessors. How oralce-bone inscriptions had been created? and who created it? Those questions have been debated more than one hundred years. Proto-cuneiform is the earliest form of the cuneiform script, the earliest writing system attested in history. It emerged towards the end of the fourth millennium B.C. in ancient a region of Mesopotamia of West Asia. By comparing Sumerian proto-cuineform vs oracle-bone inscription, there are some common basic symbols could be found in both inscriptions. Those symbols had same or derivative meaning in both side. There are a lot of such symbols have been found in both side, they existed in both side simultaneously. It are sufficient and logically. Those evidences indicate that oracle-bone inscription could ascend to proto-cuineform and oracle-bone inscription did not origin in China . At same time the common basic symbol of both inscription could be used to re-explanation of the oracle-bone and help to understand the its real means.

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