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Description: Improving Inclusivity in Developmental Psychology Research and Teaching. Inclusive images are vital to ensure child-friendly interviews and tasks, especially when assessing children’s self-concepts (e.g., Harter & Pike, 1984). This task has many merits and continues to be widely used (e.g., Papadopoulos, 2021), but the separate line drawings for girls and boys don’t reflect the diversity of 21st century communities (e.g., Barnett et al, 2022). This is why I have commissioned a talented children’s book illustrator, Karin Eklund, to create a series of gender-neutral ethnically diverse images of children to accompany this task. This artistic commission was made possible by funding from Newnham College, Cambridge and the University of Cambridge Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Unit. I am thrilled with the joyful and quirky pictures Karin has created – and delighted that Karin has kindly given me her permission to share them with others involved in not-for-profit research and teaching. Please do credit her if you use her images in your publications, as her ‘public lending rights’ help supplement her income. For more information about Karin, see **Please navigate to to gain access to the images**


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