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<p>This repository contains the Matlab code to reproduce the simulations described in "Cultural stability without copying or selection".</p> <p>The main script is CAT.m (the script rescale.m is a custom function used by CAT.m).</p> <p>To run the simulation lunch the function CAT from the Matlab command window, with the appropriate parameters, as follows:</p> <ul> <li>alpha: the value used to calculate the reach of convergent transformation</li> <li>F: if 0 selection is random, if 1 it is biased</li> <li>k: the maximum "copying error" if the input is not under convergent transformation</li> <li>graph: if 1 plot at each time step the population, otherwise set to 0 </li> <li>max_T: number of time steps</li> <li>move_pop: if 1, the population starts from a corner of the space</li> <li>N: population size</li> </ul> <p>CAT produces four outputs:</p> <ul> <li>barycentre: the population "barycentre" at each time step </li> <li>spread: the population "spread" at each time step (calculated as the mean of all distances to the barycentre)</li> <li>mu_a_proportion: proportion of items under convergent transformation at each time step</li> <li>fidelity: average fidelity </li> </ul> <p>These information can be acessed from the Matlab command window typing: help CAT</p> <p>Please refer to the manuscript for further information.</p>
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