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All single trial data from the two experiments is provided as Matlab tables in the file dataTables.mat, and as separate text files dataExp1.csv and dataExp2.csv. All features and response values are given in radians (range -pi to pi for location and color, -pi/2 to pi/2 for orientation). Response latencies are given in seconds from cue onset (for first response) or from completion of the first response (for second response). The figures of the paper can be reproduced by running the scripts plotResults (error distributions and neural binding model fits), fitDualReportMMC2 and fitDualReportMMC3 (2- and 3-component dual-report mixture model fits), and analysisAUC (supplementary figure). At the top of each file, select whether to plot results for Experiment 1 or 2. The main analyses of the behavioral data and the neural binding model fits can be run by calling analysisNeuralBindingModel (this will take quite a long time), and the remaining analyses (mixture model fits and AUC) are in the above-mentioned files for plotting.
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