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The NC State University Libraries manages the overall Immersive Scholar project. We also develop content through creative residencies, establish a soft preservation strategy, and compile guidelines for the evaluation and assessment of immersive, experiential works of scholarship. Contributions --- The overall contributions from NC State are compiled in the [Contributions file][1]. Preservation --- We utilize Conifer for capturing the content of the creative residency projects. * [Version 1 of the .WARC file][2] * [Immersive Scholar in Conifer][3] Publicly accessible project documentation will be collected and posted in NC State's institutional repository along with a documentation narrative. Internal project documentation will be exported from a Google Team Drive and deposited into NC State University Libraries' intranet. *We followed the recommendations of the [Socio-Technical Sustainability Roadmap][4] and the [Digital Documentation Process][5] in forming this project documentation and sustainability strategy.* Creative Residencies -------------------- Detailed summaries of individual contributions to each residencies will be outlined in Contributions data files within each component's documentation. 1. Radmila Sazdanovińá * [Tess-celestial][6] 2. Liss LaFleur * [Coded Glass][7] 3. Lucas Swick * [Community Gardens][8] 4. Caitlin and Misha * [Surface Tension][9] 5. Joelle Dietrick and Owen Mundy * Tally Saves the Internet Evaluating Immersive Digital Scholarship -------------- A supplementary goal was our exploration and advancement of the scholarly praxis of large-scale visualizations; * how are these works counted as research outputs or learning objects? * in what ways do scholarly communities grow around emerging interdisciplinary work? * what infrastructure(s) are necessary to support immersive environments as a form of scholarly communication? To advance this goal, we developed several forms of documentation: * [Contributorship Data Model][10] * [Assessment Framework for Immersive Digital Applications][11] * [Keywords for discussing digital work in tenure and promotion][12] * [Summary best practices for tenure committees evaluating immersive/digital scholarship][13] ------- Please cite this component of the Immersive Scholar project as: **Immersive Scholar - NC State University.** Micah Vandegrift, Shelby Hallman, Walt Gurley, Mildred Nicaragua, Abigail Mann, Cynthia Rosenfeld, Abigail Feldman, Kelsey Dufresne Allison Kittinger, Hannah Rainey, Scott Bailey, Jasmine Lang, Erica Hayes, Mike Nutt, Markus Wust, Greg Raschke. Released on GitHub and Open Science Framework. [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]: [7]: [8]: [9]: [10]: [11]: [12]: [13]: