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**What causes the casino operators to provide sportsbook?** ![enter image description here][1] Sportsbooks are places or platforms where one can bet on various sporting tournaments and competitions. Several online gaming and gambling sites now offer a sportsbook. One such site is **[Sbobet88][2]**, which is a popular online casino site. It functions as a sports bookmaker worldwide and offers gambling on all major sporting events. Nowadays, casino games and sports betting have become a rather combined phenomenon. Almost every gaming site offers a sportsbook so that players can easily bet on sports tournaments online. Although offering sports betting on online gaming sites is common now, casino content is still more important. Casino games are treated as the top priority by the site, as that’s their main service. **Do online casino games and sportsbook belong together?** Betting on sports has always been popular among people, especially rich people. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all the sporting events were canceled for the time being. However, this absence of sporting events was replaced by online sports, like esports, casino games, etc. These quickly became popular among the audience, and almost all the online casino sites have started including them. According to research, a majority of people betting on sports are men, falling between the age group of 25 to 35 years. And the most popular sports for betting is football. Football is a craze among people, and they mostly like to bet on its tournaments. When it comes to players in online sports betting, they prefer having several options in one place. If a sports betting site provides several different sporting events, it gains more popularity among people. The online casino sites which offer sportsbook facilities, feature games that complement those popular sporting events. Because players who like to bet on sports based on luck prefer chance-based games. Including sportsbooks in casino sites will always be a smart move in increasing the popularity and reach of your site. Because no matter what, betting on sporting events will never be replaced by anything else. [1]: [2]: