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<p>More than half of the population in the planet use social media and content sharing sites. Around 3.96 billion people or 51% of the world populace access these sites or apps as of July 2020. It is no wonder that developers always look for ways to 'spice up' their platforms, just to attract users and make them stay.</p> <p>Recently, TikTok has been making rounds on the worldwide web. This video-sharing site owned by ByteDance has been downloaded on Google Play and App Store for 2 billion times. The contents are so amusing that people go to sites like Download Yolo to save these videos. There are content creators that include all or parts of these clips in their vlogs. You would want to save them minus the watermarks.</p> <p><img alt="enter image description here" src=""></p> <p>The good thing is that this is possible with websites like Download Yolo. All that you need to do is open the site, and paste the link of the TikTok video that you would like to download in the box. After clicking 'download' button, the video will be saved to your phone. This is a free service too. And you do not have to sign up or to create an account.</p> <p>Yes, you can do pretty much all things related to computer and technology on the worldwide web. You do not have to pay for most <strong><a href="" rel="nofollow">online</a></strong> privileges as well. However, it would not hurt to be very careful when making use of such services.</p> <p>1) As much as possible, do your tasks, especially those that involve downloading, in a computer or mobile device that has an active and updated anti-virus software. It is even better if the application includes web protection. This way, you will be prompted if you are visiting an unsecured site and/or when an unauthorized download to your device is about to happen.</p> <p>2) More often than not, it is wise to go for the top results when you ask recommendations of such services from search engines.</p> <p>3) Never disclose personal information. A good downloading site will never ask for confidential data. Giving out email or other minimally invasive information is at your disposal.</p> <p>4) Most free sites depend on the support of sponsors that put ads on the website. Be alert in dodging click and pop-up ads. Close redirected pages as soon as possible.</p> <p>5) Since you will be downloading files, make it a habit to clear your history including cached files and cookies. You may also want to run a quick or deep scan by your anti-virus program now and then.</p> <p>Online places such as Download Yolo is very helpful to the tech-savvy generation. However, as the user, you have the responsibility to make use of these privileges wisely.</p>
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