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**Code and Data behind Fritz & Manduca: The Economic Complexity of US Metropolitan Areas (2021)** Structure: * data: Raw data (as downloaded from ACS and other sources) --> not modifying the data in any way here! * Check out the README and the data documentation in this folder. * docs: For documentation of the data sources * figs: All plots and regression tables. * We have uploaded all the figures (which are 100% produced by 03-all_figures_+_analysis.Rmd) for your convenience. * output: all non plot outputs from scripts - datasets which we produce. * has our main dataset: panel_variables.csv * as well as crosswalks and folders for ECI/Fitness and the adjacency matrices. * scripts: The scripts producing crosswalks, the ECI/Fitness, our dataset, all figs and regressions for paper * The scripts (except the function matrix_com) are written in R Notebooks. Statistical Software: * R 4.0.1 * using RStudio as IDE for optimal display of the R Notebooks. * R Packages: "tidyverse", "reshape2", "stringr", "stargazer", "plm", "broom", "xtable", "readxl", "grid", "ggthemes", "magrittr", "scales", "RInSp". * Plus for the correct display of the R Notebooks: "R Studio" (IDE), "rmarkdown", "knitr" * Furthermore, we are using "Helvetica" as font for all our plots (loading this might differ based on the operating system).