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**Overview of the Workshop** 1. Overview 1. About this file 2. Why R? 3. Getting R up and running 2. R Basics 3. Performing the Meta-Analysis 1. Install and load packages 2. Loading data 3. Descriptives 4. Calculate the Effect Size 5. Visualization 6. Moderator Analysis 7. Publication Bias 8. Sensitivity Analysis 4. Further Reading and Resources ---------- **Goal of the Workshop** The audience of the original workshop were graduate psychology students at the University of Vienna with a focus on research methods. Most statistical and methodical elements were already discussed, yet the implementation in R was new to all of them. And programming in general was new to most of them. I therefore introduced R very shortly, before explaining the meta-analytical analyses. I added some explanations and references to make the file more self-explanatory for independent study. Needless to say, this Workshop contains a lot of input for 90 minutes. ---------- **Contents of this Project** This project contains both .RMD and .html files. **.html** - The .html file can be used to understand the main steps of a meta-analysis and provides further resources independent study. **.RMD** - To use this file, download it with the data.xlsx file, save it in the same folder and follow the steps as described in the .html file.