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General Resources * <a href="">Top Ten Metadata Errors (USGS)</a> * Some FGDC metadata available from: * Raster: <a href="">Data on influence of atmospheric rivers...</a> * Vector: <a href="">Stream patches of suitable Bull Trout...</a> FGDC-CSDGM Resources * <a href="">Official page</a> * <a href="">CSDGM Specification</a> ISO 191** Series Resources * <a href="">FGDC Rationale for Moving to ISO</a> * <a href="">NOAA Workbook for ISO</a> (some of the best documentation you will find beyond the official specification) Tools: * <a href="">ArcGIS/ArcMap/ArcCatalog</a> - UI Students, Staff, and Faculty have access * <a href="">QGIS</a> (open source alternative) - specifically the MetaTools plugin FGDC Creation only: * <a href="">USGS Metadata Wizard</a> * <a href="">USDA Metavist</a> * <a href="">TKME</a> ISO Creation only: * <a href="">EPA Editor (EME)</a> Batch Editing: * <a href="">INSIDE Idaho Batch Metadata Editor</a> * <a href="">Oxygen XML Editor</a> Validation: * <a href="">USGS Metadata Parser</a> * <a href="">XML Notepad 2007</a> * <a href="">Guide to configuring notepad for validation</a>