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# **Sensorimotor Learning Lab** # Research in our lab focuses on how humans acquire, retain, and improve skillful movement. We combine motor psychophysics, patient testing, and computational modeling in order to tackle these topics. Current projects aim to examine interactions between different forms of implicit motor learning, the effects of practice on movement planning, and the nervous system’s integration of visual and somatosensory information during reaching. Ultimately, we hope that this work will produce fundamental knowledge regarding motor control and learning that is used to advance neurorehabilitation practice.   We are grateful to the following agencies for their generous support: - NIH/NICHD/NINDS - [NSF][1]   If you have just joined the lab, head over to the [Lab Manual][2] page and check out our [Resources][3].   Interested in participating in a study? Contact us at **   ![Lab Photo]( =90%)   **We are located on the University of Delaware's STAR campus:** STAR Health Sciences Complex (Room 115) Department of Physical Therapy University of Delaware 540 S. College Ave. Newark, DE 19713 [1]: [2]: [3]: