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There are a few versions of the data. Listed here from most current to least current. 1. eammi2data-labels_3_7.10.18.sav - SPSS data file that includes all variables of prior versions, plus the 11-item belongingness index (mistakenly omitted from the prior versions) Syntax is specified in Syntax_7.10.18.sps in the Syntax component. 2. EAMMi2data-labels_3_1.28.17.sav - This data file has the exclusions and calculations applied to it specified in the syntax_1.28.17_final_exclusion.docx file (In the Syntax component) 3. EAMMi2data-labels_3_1.22.17.sav - This file has calculations and preliminary exclusions as specified in Syntax_1.22.17.sps (In the Syntax component) 4. EAMMi2Data-labels_3.sav - This file is the originally released data from the EAMMi2 project at the time data became available to research groups for analysis.