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**Documenting your IRB exemption or approval** This component is intended to support the IRB process. There are three sub-components: [one for the overall IRB materials that we created][1], [one for individual sites to submit their IRB submissions][2], and [one to let individual sites upload their approvals][3]. The following is the workflow: A. Request access to the project (log in osf.io and click the “...” button on the far right and click the “Request Access”) - Open the component titled [“Submitted IRB Documents”][4]. - Create a new component within “Submitted IRB Documents” and title it with your lab ID (which you can see in [the tracking sheet][5]). You do not need to fill in any other information. As an example, see uploaded documents from Baskent University_ID. - Upload all your documents (OSF uses both drag and drop and point and click (see help page [here][6]). B. Update the ethics-specific spreadsheet on [our project tracker][7] to let us know that you submitted your IRB. Request edit access if you need it. C. Upon approval or exemption, upload the formal notice and consent form on OSF under [the relevant component][8]. - Open the component titled “[IRB approval/exemption documentation][9]”. - Create a new component within “IRB approval/exemption documentation” and title it with your lab ID. You do not need to fill in any other information. As an example see uploaded documents from Başkent University_ID. - Upload the approved/exempted consent form as CONSENT_LABID (with your lab ID). D. Upload the notice/letter of approval or exemption as APPROVAL_LABID or EXEMPTION_LABID (with your lab ID). Update the ethics-specific spreadsheet on [our project tracker][10] to let us know that you got your IRB approval/exemption. [1]: https://osf.io/becrx/ [2]: https://osf.io/ygv3x/ [3]: https://osf.io/ca2nt/ [4]: http://%28https://osf.io/ygv3x/ [5]: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-Ao-9EOvKPn4ATdpCr5OhRNKu5kkch0_4T5iXa66diE/edit?urp=gmail_link#gid=0 [6]: https://help.osf.io/hc/en-us [7]: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-Ao-9EOvKPn4ATdpCr5OhRNKu5kkch0_4T5iXa66diE/edit#gid=0 [8]: https://osf.io/ca2nt/ [9]: https://osf.io/ca2nt/ [10]: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-Ao-9EOvKPn4ATdpCr5OhRNKu5kkch0_4T5iXa66diE/edit#gid=0
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