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Wiki Version: contains the original source data files, the SYSTAT 13 processing & analysis script, and the combined SYSTAT and SPSS data files on which all analyses were based (if you want to skip the processing and file aggregation steps). The names of the analysis files are Schultheiss_et_al.syz (SYSTAT) and Schultheiss_et_al.sav (SPSS). Within the ZIP file, they are in the \data folder. For the names of the individual source files and all interim files, please see the processing & analysis script, Schultheiss_et_al_processing_analysis_SYSTAT_13_syntax.syc. The Schultheiss_et_al_analyses_output.docx/rtf/pdf files document the entire data processing and analysis process generated by the Schultheiss_et_al_processing_analysis_SYSTAT_13_syntax.syc file contained in the ZIP file. They contain in much detail what is described in the methods and results sections. Finally, the files contain the original Inquisit 3 PSE files we collected in those studies. If you unpack them and put them into PSECoder (, you can actually read and, if you are familiar with the Winter (1994) Running-Text coding system, code them for motive imagery. Note that in all analyses, we retained WInter's second-sentence rule, although in some studies we also tried an alternative coding approach allowing the coding of a motive in each sentence. The results we report are not based on this alternative approach -- they are based on Winter's second-sentence rule. But some of the variables in the final data file reflect the alternative coding approach -- those are the PSE coding variables that have an X in there (for eXtended coding). Because our hand scans are so high-res that you can actually identify fingerprints from them (and other identifying information), we decided not to upload them here to protect the anonymity of our study participants. We will, however, make them privately available to whoever wants to retrace our steps in full or run alternative measurement procedures, provided that she/he guarantees that these files are kept private, are not passed on to others, and are fully deleted after all measurements have been carried out. We will need this guarantee in writing and signed before we can make the files available. This is the first time the HuMAN Lab posts data, analysis, and source files for an upcoming publication in advance of actually submitting the manuscript. If we have for some reason forgotten some important piece of information that would be important for verifying the validity of our data collection, processing, and analysis steps, please let us know. We will try our best to provide whatever extra information you need. The author team, January 30 2018