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Please visit the Dual Mechanisms website at **** for more information about the DMC framework, investigators, tasks, and data access. **Project Components** [**Procedural Overview**][1]: See the **SOP and Supporting Documentation** directory for the project’s Standard Operating Procedure, checklists, phone screen, and other related documents. **[Task Descriptions][2]**: See this component for detailed task descriptions and images. **[Data Management][3]**: See this component for **Navigational Flowcharts** describing various aspects of the project, graphics depicting the image preprocessing **[Pipelines][4]**, and **[Single-Subject Sample Data][5]** for example Raw and Preprocessed data files. **[Publications][6]**: See this component for links to project pages for published works under the DMCC project umbrella. **[Mturk Test-Retest:][7]** The goal of this project is to examine the reliability and validity of assessments included in the DMCC project. Note on Registrations: Project registrations created prior to April 2022 are located under the component project page (for example, the DMCC Individual Differences project registrations are located at the following link: Future registrations should be created under the parent “Dual Mechanisms of Cognitive Control” project for ease of identification. **Key Overview Publications** Project Overview and Theoretical Rationale: Braver TS, Kizhner A, Tang R, Freund MC, Etzel JA. The Dual Mechanisms of Cognitive Control Project. J Cogn Neurosci. 2021 Aug 12:1-26. doi: 10.1162/jocn_a_01768. PMID: 34407191 Dataset Descriptor: Etzel, J.A., Brough, R., Freund, M.C., Kizhner, A., Lin, Y., Singh, M.F., Tay, A., Wang, A., and Braver, T.S. (in press). The dual mechanisms of cognitive control dataset, a theoretically-guided within-subject task fMRI battery. Scientific Data. (Data Link) Mturk Test-Retest: Tang, R., Bugg, J.M., Snijder, J-P., Conway, A.R.A., and Braver, T.S. (2021). The dual mechanisms of cognitive control project: Validation of an on-line behavioral task battery. PsyArXiv Preprint DOI 10.31234/ [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]: [7]: