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**Study Description** Luttrell, Petty, and Xu (2016) reran a replication from Many Labs 3 (Ebersole et al., 2016) which they deemed to be suboptimal for investigating the effect of interest. They reran a version of the study similar to that which was used in Many Labs 3 and an improved version. They observed the original effect in the optimal version, but not in the Many Labs 3 version. In this study, we seek to further validate their findings and demonstrate that expertise can be successfully transferred to replication teams. Teams from multiple sites (~10) will conduct a direct replication of Luttrell et al. (2016). **Site Contents** This project currently contains the Qualtrics file used by Luttrell et al., the analysis script used by Luttrell et al., and an adapted analysis script. Each site will adapt the survey used by Luttrell et al., adjusting the date (to account for time that has passed since the previous study) and name of the university in question in order to be applicable to participants at a given site. We will analyze our data using Luttrell et al.'s script (.sps file). We will also analyze the primary effect using mixed effects models in order to account for our multi-site data collection (.R file). Our primary focus of this replication is the three way interaction of Argument Quality, Need for Cognition, and Replication Type predicting message evaluation, with initial attitudes as a covariate.