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Check out the [Shiny App]( and [YouTube Instructions]( if you are not an R user. You can run the application offline by downloading it from [GitHub]( Check out the function in our example folder, along with the [YouTube Instructions]( on how to use our function. To see the preregistration for this project, please go to [][1] and click on the "View Registration Form" button. You can view the youtube video instructions provided to test development participants here: [][2]. To run the Rmd file, you should download all the files and put them in the same folder as the Rmd (not in separate folders or subfolders). We have them in separate folders to match the manuscript. One note that is not included in the current pre-print is that AMT participants were required to have at least an 80% hit approval rate. We will add this information to the next draft as we go through peer review. [1]: [2]: