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Category: Project

Description: The current study will examine word comprehension in 9-month-old Norwegian infants using an intermodal preferential looking/looking-while-listening eye-tracking task. Six words, considered to be highly familiar to infants at this age, as reported by Norwegian parents (Simonsen et al., 2014), will be displayed into three pairs: ball-stroller, book-banana, and car-bottle. On each trial, infants will see two pictures on the screen (e.g., banana and book) and then will be encouraged, by a pre-recorded prompt, to look at either of the two pictures (the target). The pictures are paired to maximize the differences between items (semantic, phonetic, perceptual). Longer looks at the target picture vs to the distractor (after hearing the target's label, as compared to before) will indicate word comprehension.

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International


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