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Contains the analysis scripts to perform the control analysis reported in the supplemental materials of the manuscript and files needed to perform the analysis. The main file is `control_conditions.R` which performs the majority of the control analysis and produces the figure of the observed data of the control conditions (`control_pattern.pdf`). It requires the three complete data files produced via the scripts provided in the `data` component (`exp1_all.rda`, `exp2_all.rda`, and `exp3b_all.rda`) and one helper file (`vioplot.R`). It also produces (or loads when present) the following files containing LMM fits: - `exp2_lmm_qualitative.rda`: LMMs of the qualitative pattern of the control conditions of Experiment 2. - `exp2_knowledge_control_models.rda`: LMMs of the knowledge control conditions of Experiment 2. - `exp2_rule_control_lmms.rda`: LMMs of the rule control conditions. The analysis of the qualitative pattern on the reduced data of the control conditions using only the first session of each knowledge control condition is performed in file `control_conditions_phase1.R`. The LMMs of Experiment 2 are contained in file `exp2_lmm_qualitative_phase1.rda`. The DSMs including the additive constant are fitted using file `fit_const_dual_source.R` which loads the data files containing only the experimental conditions (`exp1_experimental.rda`, `exp2_experimental.rda`, `exp3a_experimental.rda`, and `exp3b_experimental.rda`), the weighting function (`weighting.functions.R`), and the model files (`model_exp1_const.R`, `model_exp2_const.R`, and `model_exp3_const.R`). Note that it uses an absurdly large number of fitting runs to make sure to always find the global optimum (500 fitting runs). The fits are saved in a single file: `dsm_fits_control.rda` The analysis of the DSM fits including the constant is performed in `reanalysis_DSM_constant.R` which loads the fits (`dsm_fits_control.rda`) and the experimental condition data of Experiments 2 and 3 (`exp2_experimental.rda`, `exp3a_experimental.rda`, and `exp3b_experimental.rda`). The LMMs of Experiment 2 are saved/loaded in `exp2_lmms_dsm_constant.rda`.
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